Sweet or Sour? Tips and Tricks (part 2)

By Rich Franklin

Extracts and spices are often useful with foods. Sweet
potatoes are a favorite of mine. I like them plain, but occasionally have a
sugar craving. Try putting cinnamon and vanilla extract on it. It will help
fool your body into thinking it is eating sugar.

I love granola in the morning, but it is processed and I
avoid processed foods as much as possible. Instead of buying granola, I use
plain oatmeal and use sliced bananas and honey. I avoid processing and control
the sugar content.

During a tough training session sports drinks are very
convenient and useful, but I hate the processed sugar and enriched electrolytes
in them. Instead, try coconut water. It is full of natural sugar and

At a restaurant, ask the waiter to put mint leaves into your
water. It will give it a hint of flavor and possibly make it a bit more
palatable for those who like to drink flavored beverages.

Ever try freezing your fruit? Try freezing grapes or any
fruit of your liking for a snack. It takes longer to chew them and gives you
the feeling of eating candy.

Stay Informed,


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