Morning Coffee…is it a no, no?

Some people depend on their morning coffee to get them going for their day. I personally do not drink coffee, and avoid any supplements containing caffeine. It is not something I need to give me the boost for a great workout. On rare occasions, I may allow myself a caffeinated drink, if I need a pick-me-up. So how bad is your morning coffee?

Caffeine is a drug that stimulates both the nervous system and the heart. There have been studies that both, link it to high blood pressure, as well as discount the misnomer. However, it will increase blood pressure until the effects of the drug wears off…which usually takes several hours. Caffeine’s effect on the nervous system is difficulty to concentrate and often fidgetiness. It can affect the body’s absorption of minerals, particularly calcium. It also affects the absorption of prescription drugs; so double-checking with your doctor is a good idea if your caffeine consumption is high and you are taking prescription medication.

On the positive side, it will raise your basal metabolic rate causing you to burn more calories during the hours of its effect. Coffee also contains trace amounts of several vitamins. If you limit your consumption to 1 or 2 cups (8oz. each-about 200mg of caffeine total), the effect should be just the pick-me-up you are looking for, and the caffeine is basically harmless in moderation.

Here is where you may run into problems. If you decide to stop at your local coffee shop and grab a venti (20 oz.), you increase the chance of consuming excess caffeine. Lets not even bother discussing the nutritional pitfall of the cream, sugar and whipped topping for the purpose of this article. The potency of caffeine can vary from bean to bean with coffee, and brewing can affect the concentration of the caffeine as well. Your body also builds a tolerance…so careful, careful.

Finally, avoid making energy drinks a habit. Most carbonated drinks are acidic, and caffeine also creates an acidic environment in the body. If you are drinking sugar free, you are consuming artificial sweeteners as well as artificial flavors (all chemicals). Not to mention some of these energy drinks are 20 oz themselves, and the caffeine concentration per ounce is often higher than coffee. Although processing creates impurities in caffeine…caffeine is still caffeine.

Article by Rich Franlin–

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