Monday Leg Workout

Now that my shoulder is better I am able to move around a bit so I wanted to post a sample of my explosive workout for Monday. I like starting with hamstrings and I work them heavy. Each set is the maximum weight I can do for that amount of reps. The first two sets of squats were to warm up my knees and leg muscles. We added the bands that wrap from the squat rack around the squat bar to add some resistance. Each rep is executed with maximum explosion. The resistance can vary greatly with the amount of weight and types of bands used. For the speed drill below we use a small 12″ or 14″ plyo box and we stepup/up/over/over moving side to side as quickly as possible. These can be done for either a rep range or a time goal.

Ham-glute developer





Stiff leg dead lifts 3×10. –> good form, not heavy


95lbs x15 135×10

135×10 (all bands)




Jumping lunges- holding 25lb. Kettle bells


Speed drill –> low box side to side 3×10

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