Dan comments on my interview on Gluten Free Diet


I was recently watching/listening to your interview on MMA Hour in
which you discussed your nutrition, among other things.  I wanted to commend you
on trying to understand what it’s like living gluten free.  I have a 2 1/2 year
old son who is allergic to wheat (not just gluten), milk and eggs.  We as
parents don’t have any food related allergies so at first it was very difficult
to grasp just what kind of impact this would have on our son, and in the end,
us.  Although food allergies are becoming more recognized, people who aren’t
affected don’t realize just how serious they can be.  One bite of the wrong
thing could send my son into epileptic shock and possibly kill him.  It’s
amazing how much it has changed our lives and the way we look at things.  As you
mentioned it’s not just the ingredients in something that you have to be
concerned about.  The facilities where it’s produced, the machines, the
packaging, everything needs to be free of the allergen.   Things like modified
food starch, which can be derived from wheat, can be on a package label but it’s
not  required to even state that it may contain wheat.  That’s just one example,
but it really changes your life and the way you look at nutrition in general.
In the end I’m actually happy because he eats far healthier than most

I’ve been a huge fan of yours for a long time and it’s not
just for the way you do your job in the cage, but the way you carry yourself
that’s the most impressive.  If more people tried something as life changing as
trying to go gluten free they would have a greater understanding of how
difficult it can be for those who absolutely can’t consume that particular
thing.  Most people aren’t educated and it’s great to see someone like yourself
use the fame you have to educate people.  It kills me every time I tell someone
that my son is allergic to wheat and they say, “Oh he can’t have gluten?  Well
there’s lots of gluten free products out there.”  They don’t realize that
products can be free of gluten but still contain wheat, so my son can’t have
those either.  I honestly commend you on trying to live without gluten, it’s a
tough task.  And doing it all just to further your understand of how others
might have to live on a daily basis is even more commendable.

Thank you
for everything you’re doing to try and educate people on this subject.  Good
luck with the shoulder recovery and I can’t wait to see you back in the cage


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